Main focus

Comprehensive advice.

Rules, exceptions, supplements – corporate law, tax law and co. are becoming increasingly complex, and that also individually for each sector. It’s good that we have an expert for almost every niche.

What suits a corporation will not do justice to a small family business, in the health sector completely different skills are required than in the construction industry and the public sector is a chapter of its own.

We are a conscientious support for you. From tax issues and accounting to personnel accounting and succession planning. Prudently and with specific knowledge of the individual sectors, we fulfil the tasks assigned to us.

Main focus

Industries | Resources

Whether wood, paper or the electrical industry, metal processing, plant or mechanical engineering: as diverse as the fields of activity are – the challenges are similar. Increasing competitive pressure requires exploiting potentials and developing individual solutions based on continuously improved development, production and work processes. In this context, research has the important task of maintaining or expanding existing competitive advantages.

Our objective is to combine innovative approaches with our practical experience as well as tax and business management expertise to support industrial companies in improving their business development.

Consumer Products | Retail

A profound change can be seen in the consumer products industry and in retail. The digitalization of everyday life is increasingly shaping the buying behaviour of consumers and is now also influencing what is bought and how it is bought. Against this backdrop, it is important to maintain the current market position and to help shape the ongoing change to align companies for the future. Data and its intelligent use play a central role in this.

Our goal is to support consumer product and retail companies in this transformation process with our practical experience as well as our tax and business management expertise and to help create a sound basis for decision-making.

Public Sector

The federal government, federal states, cities, municipalities and associations are faced with changing requirements and the legal framework is also constantly changing. Cost and efficiency pressures also affect the public sector in the fulfilment of its tasks. This requires the creation of financial leeway.

Structural changes require the involvement of numerous contact persons, often require the participation of administrative bodies as well as the legal system, and thus regularly have an impact on the public. Tax aspects must also be considered.

Public corporations are also increasingly confronted with difficult and sometimes systematically important tax issues as well as questions regarding their specific accounting.

Church Institutions | NPOs

Churches, religious orders and faith communities as well as non-profit organisations form, in a sense, the backbone of a functioning community. Maintaining liquidity and assets are often the basis of economic planning. New, sustainable and substance-preserving sources of funding are needed.

Many non-profit organisations are faced with financing issues due to high personnel costs and demographically increasing needs. This can be compounded by unpredictable political decisions.

Special regulations under tax law open up scope for financing but are usually tied to strict compliance with formal and material criteria. Often, unused tax optimisation potentials are still open.

Health Care

Quality and service expectations of patients, necessary infrastructure, human resource management as well as medical and technological innovation are just some of the key issues. The associated increasing cost pressure is presenting the health sector with ever greater challenges.

A professional approach on a strategic and economic basis that incorporates trends from both the clinical and non-clinical sectors ensures quality medical care. To maintain security of supply and competitiveness, forward-looking strategies as well as value-added management within a flexible and efficient organisation are required.

Family Business

The values of family businesses are characterised by long-term considerations, a striving for continuity and a significant identification with their own business. Owner-managed structures enable short decision-making and implementation paths. Flexibility is in tension with tradition, private life and the company flow into each other.

The succession of management is regularly of great importance, especially when the degree of kinship becomes broader over time and the strategic uniformity decreases.

These characteristics also determine our advisory approach. Therefore, in addition to tax optimisation, tax planning is aimed at the long-term survival of the company while minimising risk.

Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important part of the economy, and we have a long tradition of supporting them. Our advisory approach corresponds to the diversity and individuality of these companies.

We see ourselves as reliable, service-oriented and forward-looking partner – regardless of whether it is a matter of current tax issues, accounting, social security or the complete outsourcing of current bookkeeping and payroll accounting (outsourcing), annual financial statements and tax returns.

We tackle complex tasks with tax and business expertise and a focus on the essentials. Our modern IT infrastructure ensures efficiency through digitalization.

Liberal Professions

We have a long tradition of advising and supporting doctors, lawyers, notaries, civil engineers and other liberal professions. This requires in-depth industry know-how as well as comprehensive knowledge of the specific professional and tax regulations.

We accompany you through all areas of your personal challenges – whether ongoing tax issues, social security, partnership or outsourcing of your income/expense accounting and payroll accounting as well as the preparation of tax returns.

As your personal and consistent contact, we promptly take care of your concerns to relieve you of unnecessary tasks.

Private Clients | Foundations

In addition to dealing with compliance issues, tax returns or ongoing tax matters, private individuals and private foundations are often faced with the task of optimally structuring capital and real estate investments, regulating asset succession or adapting the foundations of the private foundation. In doing so, it is important to meet personal wishes and expectations.

Our goal is to develop adequate and sustainable solutions in view of current and future needs, with people in the foreground. Our services range from ongoing support for your tax issues to tax advice on capital and real estate investments to international relocations.

Real Estate | Construction

Real estate has always been a sought-after form of investment. This is especially true in economically turbulent times. Increasing competition for the best investment opportunities, new technologies and changing customer behaviour require us to rethink traditional strategies and explore new options and avenues.

In view of our comprehensive expertise in all aspects of real estate taxation as well as builder and pension models, we support companies in the real estate and construction industry, but also investors, in their involvement in the real estate sector as well as in the related project development. In addition, tax optimisation and support in the purchase and sale of real estate are also one of our focal points.

main focus
Eunike Bichl

Eunike Bichl

Manager, Tax & Advisory

Elisabeth Klimbacher-Six

Elisabeth Klimbacher-Six

Manager, Tax & Advisory

Lisa Maria Prodinger

Lisa Maria Prodinger

Manager, Tax & Audit

Walter Zenkl

Walter Zenkl

Partner, Tax & Audit

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