As auditors, we act conscientiously and responsibly with an efficient approach. With professional competence, industry knowledge and individuality.

As auditors, we are aware of the responsibility that comes with the tasks. We work extremely carefully and build on good cooperation.

Up to date in terms of knowledge, having arrived in the digital age, but conservative in our values, we work meticulously and prudently, in partnership and with foresight. Whether special audits, audits of foundations and associations or municipalities – we keep an eye on your figures and keep our eyes open for optimisation potential. Our experts support you and advise you on possible risks.


Special Audits pursuant to Company Law

Special audits are carried out on a one-off or irregular basis for special reasons and serve the purpose of providing interested parties with the necessary information about certain facts in your company. The protection needs of the interested parties must be safeguarded. This is where professional competence and conscientiousness count.

Whether foundation, contribution in kind or residual assets audits, transformation, demerger or merger audits as well as audits within the scope of M&A transactions, our hand-picked expert teams accompany your company with know-how and many years of experience as a trustworthy and carefully acting partner in all legally prescribed or intended audit occasions.

Audit of Private Foundations pursuant to the PSG

Private foundations do not have any owners, the assets are therefore independent and there is a structural control deficit. For this reason, the legislator has established the foundation auditor as a mandatory control body in addition to the duties of the auditor of the financial statements. He was also given the means to exercise effective and independent control.

We are at your disposal for this demanding and trustworthy task. Quality, integrity and independence are based on conscientiousness and diligence as well as always up-to-date knowledge of the legal circumstances.

Accountability Audits for Associations

Every association – unless it is obliged to have its accounts audited – must appoint at least two independent and impartial auditors to audit the accounts and annual financial statements. The object of the audit is the financial management, in particular the correctness of the accounts and the use of funds of the association in accordance with the statutes, including the examination of unusual income or expenditure as well as self-dealing.

As auditors, we guarantee you independence and impartiality, as well as clear reporting to the management and supervisory bodies of the association. Our experts support you with specific know-how and many years of experience.

Audit of Internal Control Systems

Every business activity is inextricably linked with risks. This requires the handling of risks to be systematised and – not least due to legal mandate – an internal control system to be set up which meets the requirements of the company.

Our experts support you in reviewing the design and implementation as well as the appropriateness and effectiveness of your internal control systems, regardless of whether the scope of our engagement relates to the entire system or only certain parts of it.

We also audit outsourced functions and services of your company and prepare an audit report on them. In this way, we provide security – for you as a service provider or as a customer.

System and Process Audits

A successful company is based on functioning processes and reliable systems. On the one hand, this requires effective controls in the processes, but also an assessment of the functionality of the related risk management. All these measures are regularly subject to external audits with the aim of assessing whether the conditions also correspond to the target state (reference model). We confirm the result of the audit in the form of an “assurance”.

Our experts take a close look at your business processes, internal systems and controls as part of our other services and check their effectiveness. Particular attention is paid to optimisation potential that has not yet been exploited.

Audit-related Consulting

As documentation of business transactions, accounting is an essential source of information for owners, creditors, suppliers and customers. It thus forms a reliable basis for decision-making and is also the basis for the assessment of taxes or distributions to shareholders.

The increasing complexity and scope of national and international regulations require profound and up-to-date specialised knowledge in the presentation of annual and consolidated financial statements, as well as in specific financial reporting issues.

Our experts provide you with competent support in the form of know-how, personnel resources or the operational implementation of individual issues.

Expert Opinions

Conflict potential exists at all levels of daily business life, ultimately everywhere where people work together, and not all conflicts can be avoided.

In our function as independent experts, it is our task to substantiate arguments and establish facts. We analyse carefully, make detailed findings and provide independent, factual expert opinions – as neutral court-certified experts, arbitrators or party experts.

As experts, we support companies, groups, owners or private individuals in the preparation of expert opinions for parties or in the context of advisory litigation support for the reliable assessment of your opportunities and risks.

Budget Accounting Audits

A budget account is the basis of every company valuation, reorganisation or restructuring, due diligence or fairness opinion, etc. It is also of great importance in the preparation of annual financial statements. As a rule, budget accountings are integrated as profit, asset and financial planning, considering the principles of proper planning of the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU (The Federal Association of German Business Consultants).

Practice Note 2/2017 of the Institute of German Certified Public Accountants (IDW) provides basic guidance on the audit of budget accounts.

Our experts support you with sound business knowledge, technical understanding and relevant industry expertise.

Management Audits | Embezzlement Audits

Financial audits relate to, for example, associations and financial transactions in municipalities or associations of municipalities on which the budget and the financial statements are based. The principles of efficiency, economy, expediency and regularity must be considered. In the case of deficiencies, the cause of the deficiencies must be addressed, or suggestions made as to how they could be remedied.

If there are serious grounds for suspicion, an embezzlement audit must be carried out to prevent, detect and handle an act of economic crime. The aim is regularly to establish the damage qualitatively and quantitatively.

Our team of experts has extensive experience and will support you in these matters.

Subsidy Confirmations

At the national (federal, provincial, municipal) as well as international level, there are a wide range of subsidies. The spectrum ranges from investment and expenditure grants to expert opinions (e.g., in connection with COVID19 measures), whereby the required confirmation services vary greatly and are not always easy to understand. Subsidy bodies regularly require confirmation of the subsidy statement from an independent auditor or tax advisor.

Our experts support you in the preparation and efficient planning of the confirmation services. We check the subsidy, reconcile the accounts with the conditions, prepare the required audit confirmations and submit them.

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Lisa Maria Prodinger

Manager, Tax & Audit

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Walter Zenkl

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