As tax advisors, we provide forward-looking and service-oriented support within a personal business relationship. With knowledge, experience and esprit.

Your taxes are our profession. You concentrate on your job, we do ours – conscientiously, with our finger on the pulse and independently, but always in personal consultation with you.

Our experts are up to date in all tax matters. Regardless of whether you require advice or want to place your accounts entirely in our hands, no individual company is too small for us, no group too complex. We will guide you safely through the tax jungle and support you with foresight – from A to Z.


Ongoing tax advice

Tax law is characterised by a high degree of dynamism with increasing complexity, and it affects almost everyone; companies as well as private individuals. The aim is to achieve the best possible result while maintaining legal certainty, but attention is also paid to planning financial burdens.

Our experts support you with up-to-date knowledge of developments in tax legislation, case law and administrative practice. We are at your side as an experienced, forward-looking and trustworthy partner in all tax matters. We reliably strive to prevent unpleasant surprises so that you can concentrate fully on your operational business and what is essential for you.

Accounting | Tax returns

Book-keeping forms the basis of entrepreneurial activity. This must be done in an orderly and meaningful manner, as must also the proper annual financial statements. Efficient technology helps to be able to rely on reliable information for entrepreneurial decisions in a timely manner. Optimal tax returns are based on reliable and legally secure foundations.

With digital infrastructure, modern working tools and always up-to-date expertise, we support you in mastering the growing demands on modern accounting and achieving optimal results. Location-independent work is a reality, receipts are transmitted electronically, and an electronic archive saves you the tedious search for receipts.

Payroll Services | Global Mobility

Payroll accounting and employee mobility are demanding business processes in which people are at the centre. Employers must meet their financial obligations on time, as well as comply with extensive reporting and recording obligations. The complexity of the regulations, however, opens possibilities for design and optimisation; also, in the cross-border area.

Our experts support you by taking over the full service of your current payroll accounting, as well as advising you on correlating individual tax law issues etc. Our digital infrastructure allows for an efficient, confidential and location-independent exchange of sensitive employee data.

Corporate Tax Services

The field of corporate and group tax law is one of our main areas of practice. Our experts provide comprehensive advice on tax law to companies, national and international groups of companies and corporate groups.

We respond to constantly changing tax regulations, case law and administrative practice with operational and strategic solutions in order to utilise and secure your tax potential.

We apply our constantly updated expertise in specific consultations, in the preparation of tax balance sheets and tax returns – in the context of individual or group taxation, from company formation to liquidation and always with compliance in view.

Restructuring | Reorganisation

A dynamic business environment sometimes requires structural changes. After all, a suitable legal form and structure are key factors for your success. Reorganisations – which can often be tax-neutral – often result from the desire to grow, to increase profitability or to simplify structurally. This complex task must be planned carefully and efficiently and implemented with minimal tax risk. Our experts will support you in this process, right up to the recording in your accounting system.

Restructuring and reorganisation measures also represent significant cuts in the development of companies from a tax point of view. Our experts can provide you with comprehensive advice.

Deal Advisory | M&A Tax

Transaction decisions such as acquisitions and sales, mergers, spin-offs of parts of companies, etc. require detailed planning and structuring with an assessment of tax risks.

We are your tax partner for tax due diligences (buy and sell side), vendor assistance, tax-optimal transaction planning and structuring, model calculations on their tax effects, drafting of tax clauses in company purchase agreements and reconciliation of tax positions after the transaction has taken place.

Company succession also requires detailed tax planning and implementation – for both the transferor and the transferee. Our experts support you from the very beginning.

Digitalization | Tax Technology

Digitalization has not stopped at the gates of the tax and accounting departments and has already successfully established itself in many areas. Innovative technology allows tax processes and controls to be handled efficiently and tax law requirements to be met systematically. This creates significant advantages but requires – in view of progressive legal developments and ongoing technical innovations – regular monitoring and, if necessary, adjustments.

Our experts support you with up-to-date knowledge and relevant IT competence in the digitalization of processes in your tax and accounting departments.

Indirect Tax Services (VAT)

As the most important tax in daily business transactions, VAT has become a highly complex and dynamic tax matter. Despite harmonisation under European law, correct handling is often difficult due to a lack of uniform interpretation. Also mistakes in structuring and processing often result in great damage; sometimes even on a systematic basis. This makes competent and practice-oriented special advice indispensable.

Our experts support you in structuring your business processes for VAT purposes and accompany companies with their special knowledge through all areas of VAT: from simple compliance issues to difficult special cases with a foreign connection.

International Tax Services

Whether multinational tax planning or avoidance of double taxation, it is essential for internationally active companies and their success, to also deal with cross-border tax issues. In view of the diversity of non-harmonised national tax systems, effective tax planning requires an integrated approach – in compliance with the optimisation limits set by the OECD (BEPS) and the EU (ATAD I and II).

Our experts accompany Austrian and foreign companies on the way to finding solutions that are precisely tailored to their individual needs. Solutions that go beyond a single-location perspective to keep pace globally.

Transfer Pricing Services

Due to the increasing internationalisation of the economy, global trade and service relationships as well as cross-border financing structures have also increased, within groups of companies.

Avoiding profit shifting through transfer pricing is increasingly the focus of expanded OECD and EU regulations. The tax authorities have also adjusted their auditing priorities accordingly.

Our experts can provide your company with comprehensive and competent advice on all transfer pricing issues, also during tax authority audits, as well as support you in designing, documenting, implementing and enforcing an adequate transfer pricing system – including transfer pricing compliance.

Tax Management Services | Compliance

Tax-relevant risks can be limited by means of a functioning tax control system. It is important to ensure that tax regulations and deadlines are adhered to and that tax assessment bases are correctly determined. In this way, consequences under liability and criminal law for the company, its executive bodies and employees can be avoided. This involves, among other things, clear responsibilities in the tax area, the development of tax guidelines and their internal communication as well as monitoring measures.

Our experts advise you on the development, implementation and evaluation of such a system, helping to ensure that processes are optimised and tax risks are avoided.

Tax Litigation

The plethora of complex and constantly changing legal provisions, as well as differences of opinion among tax authorities, can lead to taxation conflicts, especially in an international context. Only with profound knowledge of procedural law can the correct content be enforced.

Our experts will provide you with personal and expert assistance in enforcing tax claims against the authorities or defending against unjustified additional tax demands.

A tax evasion under at least gross negligence can result in the initiation of criminal proceedings against the tax authorities, unless a self-disclosure has been made in time. We advise you preventatively, but also accompany and represent you in the proceedings.

Eunike Bichl

Eunike Bichl

Manager, Tax & Advisory

Elisabeth Klimbacher-Six

Elisabeth Klimbacher-Six

Manager, Tax & Advisory

Lisa Maria Prodinger

Lisa Maria Prodinger

Manager, Tax & Audit

Walter Zenkl

Walter Zenkl

Partner, Tax & Audit

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